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Please note that *SOME* of the shitajiki are from K-books, and other releases and they are very sexy. Anything overtly so I have black boxed out those area's in case there are younger people looking through.

I have many Rare & HTF mint shitajiki, pencil boards for sale as I am no longer collecting! Right now I have 585 boards in total from various series, K-books, doujin and more up on my ecrater shop here -->

Please email me if you have need of shipping rates for combined orders inside US or overseas. I will ship internationally on all order! Shipping is additional to all purchases!



I have the below available for sale.  I also have a lot more doujinshi that I haven't put up yet Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Gundam Wing).

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE.  I really need to clear these out asap.  No unreasonable offer will be refused.

Pencil Boards - Ayashi no Ceres, Gundam Wing, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Prince of Tennis, Saint Beast, Tactics, Weiss Kreuz Gluhen

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Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :D

I was just thinking...

Gosh. So echo-y and silent around here. Soooo...Two things:

1) I really miss the shitajiki reference sites. One was shitajiki.com for a while, I think? Then there was another at .net? It weirds me out when auction sites are where I get exposed to new images.

2) I'm really surprised when extremely popular series like Code Geass or Naruto that have a large number of boards end up with really conventional images (at least the boards I'm exposed to - see #1).

So, um, I guess I'd be interested in seeing if anyone here has highly unusual Code Geass or Naruto boards (neither of which I collect, btw - just curious).


I just found a shitajiki I've wanted for 10 years. I had thought the cause so lost that I had removed the board from my wishlist, assuming that it was never to be. And then... it happened. And for a price that was 1/4 what I would have paid for it. Huzzah and a half!

Boards for Sale

Hi, folks.

I have a number of shitajiki for sale. If you are interested, please have a look:


Thanks for looking!

Vampire Miyu and Sailor Moon shitajiki sale

Hi! I have doujinshi boards for sale from Vampire Princess Miyu and Sailor Moon. Take a look at my page for details and post there if you want anything.


hello everybody

i made a change with my sales, and also put up an collection page.

i made a descrption for it here:


i also have a question, does anybody knows if david reopened his shop? or if he plan to do it in near future?


Hello one and all.

This has been a sleepy, peaceful community of collectors for the most part over the past several years. I am really happy that everyone is here and apart of our group. However, I need to make clear to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience there is understanding.

From this point going forward, please advise whether your boards are suggestive in nature so people who do not wish to see that content will not mistakenly browse onto your link and be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Let me clarify "suggestive" since anime/manga fandoms lend themselves to being suggestive in many cases by default and there are cultural differences in this arena. If the image on the board is explicit, or overtly suggestive (suggestive poses + partial nudity with the EXPRESS, sole intent to sexually arouse the user rather than display artwork in the traditional sense)

Second, UPDATE: I was able to reverse code (it's not hacking, I didn't use any special tools o: ) and delete the offensive posts (sorry, I couldn't wait for the LJ staff to get to the site and remove those horrible links and that awful nude ;) ). The offenders are banned from posting further and were reported to LJ. People who blatantly post porn will be banned from this page, no exceptions. In event of account hack or something of that nature, I can be contacted for appeal (but the chances of this ever even happening is rare so don't worry too much.)

I have also upped the security of the page so that CAPTCHA is required (which should weed out bots) and while non-members can see, only members can post. I apologize for the lateness in this upgrade to the security of our page as the internet is a very unfriendly place to the unprotected.

With all of this said, I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and a great year as we approach the fall season!
Happy Collecting!

Comic Lo

Anyone interested in the complete 32 board comic lo set as seen here:


B6 size all in sleeves & clear file book. If you're in the US asking $50 total with shipping. Will ship outside US for additional $5.

Looking to Sell

Hi, I have a collection of shitajiki (and manga, and some other anime/manga things) that have just been sitting in a closed box for years, and I would like to sell them. I figured I would post them here, since it seems like the best place to directly sell them.

I also haven't used LJ in years, either. What is the best way to upload photos so I can show my items?

*UPDATE* Here's a link to the items I have! http://s1051.photobucket.com/albums/s427/keitichandesu/

Some of them are front and back of the same shitajiki: The Fullmetal Alchemist one, and all of the Haibane Renmei ones.

Everything except the pins I'll sell for $8. The pins I'll sell for $3 each. US shipping complimentary.