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*snorffle!* Adventures in buying shitajiki

So, get this:

I've been watching a shitajiki on eBay for over a year. It's overpriced in my opinion, and obviously in the opinion of others because it's just molding away in the seller's inventory.

So, I decide to contact the seller to see if s/he might accept an offer on the board. I even said that I would buy another board, to sweeten the deal.

After reviewing my offer, the seller responds back with a counter offer that is more than the original price of the two boards added together.

I honestly didn't believe it as I read it. What? Why would I make an offer if I would agree to buy the shitajiki at the posted price...much less agree to pay more than I would if I bought each of them outright?

I suppose it may be an honest mistake. Or, maybe it was a polite way to tell me to go suck an egg...

Online dealers?

Hey! I'm not sure if anyone reads this anymore, but I was wondering what options are active for online shopping for shitajiki? A lot of vendors dealing in anime merchandise have closed shop in the last 2-3 years. There's a lot more mainstream access to programming, of course, but a lot of the small vendors that supplied items to niche collectors have disappeared. I just feel a little odd about looking to a place like eBay.

Hi guys,
I’m currently having a duplicated box of Kuroko no Basket Mini Figures that I accidently placed the order last week. And now, I’d like to make a sell listing for it J
The box did cost me a lot so I decided to sell them back in order getting what I paid for it. Which means the price will be the same price as I bought them J
I only accept Paypal.
I ship internationally.
Please pm or comment me :)
All these figures are BRAND NEW and SEALED with a small plastic bag for each one.
Character figures: Kuroko - Kagami - Aomine - Kise(2) - Akashi - Hyuga PRICE: $10/ EACH
DRRR doujinshi: http://yyilu.livejournal.com/4836.html
Here is the actual figures of Mido – Takao that I’ve sold for my friend, and she agve me the feedback photo when she opened them J

Hello one and all!

For the first time since forever, I am parting ways with a small section of my collection! Each week or so I plan to auction off boards that I am willing to see pass to new hands. For many, these are probably *dream* boards, or boards they've always dreamed of owning but could never find someone able or willing to sell~ <3

This week: Clamp Su Zenin/ Limited Edition and K-Books Akiba 6th promotional:





Be seeing you!

My shitajiki collection.


I just wanted to post my shitajiki collection link here in the hopes of finding fellow shitajiki collectors that still remain!

It's sad how one by one shitajiki collectors have taken their sites down. I really miss the days when I would spend hours browsing through collectors' sites. Trading was particularly fun too.

Here's my collection:


Please take a look!

edit: I created a shitajiki club here along with a shitjiki enthusiasts forum! Feel free to join!


Pencil boards clearout!

It's all for sale! I've got a big pencil board/shitajiki update! Boards are from lots of different manga and anime series: 07-Ghost, Ah My Goddess, Bleach, Bukiyou na Silent (Hinako Takanaga), Cowboy Bebop, Card Captor Sakura, Code Geass, Clover, Diece (Zero-Sum), Death Note, Evangelion, Fate series, Gravitation, Hakuoki, Haou Airen (Mayu Shinjo), Kyo Kara Maoh, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran, Rurouni Kenshin, Rozen Maiden, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Starry Sky, Togainu no Chi, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Trigun, Vampire Knight, Witch Hunter Robin, xxxHolic, CLAMP's X/1999.


K-Books & Weiss Kreuz pencil boards

Just posted some awesome pencil boards for sale on my sales journal!

Right now it is just k-books & Weiss Kreuz, but I will be having lots more rare and doujin boards in the days to come.  ^__^

Prices are negotiable if you are interested just drop me a note!  Thanks for looking!


Looking for storage

I'm looking for storage options for all my boards. Doe any body have any for sale?

Pencil board sale

Hi! I listed some shitajiki for sale on my page. Take a look and drop a message there if you'd like anything. :)


Shitajiki for sale updated!!!

Another update on Shitajiki !!
Series include the following...
. 195 NEW SHITAJIKI added
Total of 955 shitajiki for sale in all!

The new updates include the following series.......
* Sorcerer Stabber Orephen   * Dear Boys   * Yaoi
* K-books * Y's  * Doujin boards  * The 3rd * Evangelion
* Naruto  * Hellsing  * Escaflowne  * Star Ocean EX  * Windaria
* Mandarake shitajiki  * Leda  * Mermaid Melody  * Kamichami Karen

* Death Note  * Kare First Love  * DN Angel  * Ouran Host Club

~ Shitajiki update!!