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Pencil Board/ Shitajiki collecting, Anime/Manga paraphernalia welcome!

Welcome to the Pencil Board community! This community was created to help lovers of shitajiki, or pencil boards, to unite! Everybody is welcome to join and learn about the latest boards, do trades with other members, and talk about anything anime or manga related. Other media such as Lami card, clear file, telephone & idol cards are also welcome here! If you ever have any comments or suggestions about this community- just drop an e-mail or MSN IM @ mystik_aurora, okay?

Notice: I also realize that everybody does not have access to LiveJournal codes. You do NOT have to have a code or journal to comment, but know that the rules of this board still apply, and for security of all, non LJ posters will be screened to inhibit flaming, fraudulent activity, etc. So play nice, and let the posting begin!

As your moderator, mystik_aurora, I have but a few simple requests:

  • Please be polite to other members on the boards. If you've got 'beef' with someone, keep it to your personal LJ, okay?
  • If posting pictures of your pencil boards, please use the lj-cut. Pencil board collecting is very visual, and too many pictures on the main page can cause loading issues with user computers.
  • Try your hardest to keep all content at least somewhat anime/manga/shitajiki related. I have no problems whatsoever if a discussion goes from pencil boards to other topics, but this is a specialized community.

    That's all for now- ja'ne! Enjoy your visit and may your experience here be fruitful ^^

    What are pencil boards, lami, clear file?-
    Shitajiki as described by Wikipedia

    (Please note, the links below are old and will take you to sites that may or may not be regularly updated)

    Anime Card Webring Hosted by Yahoo

    Anime Pencilboard Websring Hosted by Yahoo

    Moderator Quick Bio:

    I like anime, manga, shitajiki (If you haven't guessed by now ^_^) Avid Anime and Manga lover ( with my own private collection , it brings me joy to see this community grow after all these years <3 You guys are awesome :D

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